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Tips for Bavaria in June please


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Hi Guys, I'm planning a trip for two weeks at the end of June. We have travelled to France and Spain so we're used to planning and driving abroad. However we haven't been to Germany so i want to ask the experts (you!!) a couple of questions;we have a elddis 115 (6m) van and will be towing a motorcycle for the first time. The bike will allow us to stay longer in one place instead of my usual itchy feet kicking in after a couple of days!

I want to drive to Munich for a few days, we don't mind doing the miles/hours to get where we're going so i was planning on one overnight stop hopefully a stellplatz. After a few days in Munich i was looking at Berchtesgaden for five days ish then drive the Alpinestrasse to Fussen for the remainder before the return.

So the questions 1). which route do you recommend we'll be using the tunnel, don't mind paying tolls and want to do motorways. 2) Is it worth booking sites in advance in June or are there plenty of spare pitches and do you have any recommendations for Munich and the other areas. 3) Any stellplatz recommendations we use the aires in france for one night stop overs but i know that some have "tight "parking and we'll be towing.


Any advice information will be gratefully recieved. :-D

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Cannot help with Munchen, never been their, but the fastest route is pretty obvious. However nice aire at Stenay, near Verdun, and I do not like aires much, which has electric, showers, toilets and is in a nice position next to river. It is about half way to Munchen from Calais I would guess, in All the Aires book under Stenay M.R. N49 29.451 E005 11.016. As you are going to Fussen area their is a new stellplatz, not in Bordatlas, at Camping Bannwaldsee. Coming from Fussen you pass through village of Schwangau and the stellplatz is on your left just outside the village. As you have a bike it is a five minute ride to Neuschwanstein and King Ludwigs castle and not far back to Fussen. Nice area for walking. Would not bother booking anything.
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Not sure which route you will take, or how direct a route your taking, but there is a good Stal; at Treuchtlingen GPS 10deg55'08"0/48d57'40"N it has lovely facilities and plenty of room with large pitches you pick an available pitch then walk out to the garage at the corner where you come in you get a key and pay there. We also stay at Stenay on the way down and go through Luxemburg the site at Fussen we stay at has good facilities and co-ords are 10d42'2"0/47d34'56"N another site we stopped was Bad Durrheim gps08d32'07"0/48d00'46"N if you stay at any of these TopPlatze you can pick up a free booklet with a lot of the Stalz in.

There are lots in this TopPlatze book but we have bought from Vicarious the

Bord Atlas of Europa 2011 Reise\mobil International it is in german but quite easy to understand all sites are in alphabeticle order so very easy to use there are loads of sites in there with photographs for most of them it has French/Holland/Belg/Aust/ actually all Europe and is well worth the money we were given one on the last lap of our hols last year we wished that we had known about it sooner.


Enjoy your trip it is an absolutely lovely place to visit we will be over in May again this year not sure just which way to go this time we have been in Fussen the last two years.

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We never pre-book sites, and even in August haven't failed to get on one yet. I certainly wouldn't book.


We use Stellplatze for an overnight in-transit, and sites for a longer stay.


We were in Berchtesgaden for 5 days in 2009.


The following site, which is just outside, but walkable if need be, was fine, and had a small pool and a restaurant if you felt like relaxing at the end of the day.




It's a great area, with a number of things well worth seeing, including the Kehlsteinhaus (Hitler's "Eagles Nest"), and the Konigssee. You might also want to try Salzburg since you'll be mobile.


We were considering stopping of in Munich on the way down this year, but the campsites convenient for the city got very mixed reviews, and in the end, we decided to give the city a miss and stay more in the countryside.


If you're looking to do the miles and then slow down, then I would strongly recommend travelling through Belgium and Germany via the motorways, rather than the toll routes through France, as its only about 20km longer, and obviously saves money.


Even then you could choose from a number of routes, as there are "mix and match" motorways - but I prefer to go North of Brussels, rather than lower. If you use Calais and Munich as the start and endpoint in Google

Maps, the route it gave me as choice 3 and designated "A3" works for me.


Germany abounds with Stellplatze, but it is difficult to recommend one to overnight at without knowing either your crossing time or the traffic conditions - if you have either MS Autoroute, or a Satnav, I'd suggest you download the POIs from http://www.bordatlas.de/overlays.php and plan on the go (just drop off the motorway for a bit).


Hope you enjoy Germany. Whilst we change our allegiances from time-to-time, it's currently our favourite destination with the 'van.


Just be aware that whilst use is spreading, Credit Cards are still not accepted in a number of places, including some petrol stations and quite a few supermarkets. Supermarkets can also be a bit hit and miss with the content and variety. We find the REWE chain most reliable, and better than Aldi or LIDL.





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Two weeks is nowhere long enough to do Bavaria justice, it is a fabulous area of Germany.

Too many places to mention, the area around Fussen is very picturesque good cycling & walking. Lake Chiemsee is contrastingly different. The eastern side around Berchtesgaden the mountains are very steep great walking not so good for cycling, & around Berchtesgaden you have all the Hitler/WII museums.


Don't need to worry much about taking supplies when out walking in the remotest places you will find a bar or a remote farmhouse with a hand written list pinned to the door offering beer, coffee & bratwurst.


Can't help much with Stellplatze as the last time we spent any time there we had the caravan and had to put up with sites. There is a nice site on the lakeside at Brunnen just north of Fussen. A free Stellplatze at Bad Reichenhall that you are allowed to stay for 3 nights.


A few pics here:-









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