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Electricity Usage.

Travelling Tyke

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Hello all,


Just got back from a four night trip and whilst we were away I monitored the power usage as we were on HU .


We used a total of 71 kWh.


The fridge, and 12v charger were on all of the time, the water heater only during the day. the hab heater most of the day and two nights, (thermostatically controlled). The kettle, and toaster as required.


We have a two ring hob for cooking when on mains but this was not used.......don't ask, it was the bosses choice.


Breakdown. day 1, 9 kWh; day 2, 17 kWh; days 3 and 4, 22 kWh.


There is about 5% tolerance in the monitor and I didn't check at exactly the same time each day, but the figures are near enough........


We paid £5 per night for the HU so, Taking a ball park fig of 20 kWh per day then it works out at 25 pence /kWh.

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