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Brilliant Money Making Idea??


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I was thinking of setting up a cartel amongst all the Motorhome dealers to keep second-hand prices artificially high and raking off a commision from them.

Trouble is, I reckon MMM beat me to it!!

Is it (cynically) me or is their second-hand price guide really a reflection of forecourt prices or what MMM feel they ought to be??


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MMM couldn't possibly get around all the forecourts each month to establish an average selling price for so many different MH's to put in the magazine.

In my days as a Hedge Fund Manager (don't take that too literally!) I would tell the seller what the price will be for certain stock. He wouldn't tell me!!

The price I give him was the price I belived the meerkat would sustain. The meerkat would follow suit and the cartel established.


ps Don't be duped! As others have posted recently, the dealer mark-up on a £30,000 trade in is as much as 30%!!


Poacher turned Gamekeeper.

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Guest pelmetman

I think you are missing the point Dave, the second hand price was and is taken from the dealers forcourt prices, ie the dealers send in their adverts and MMM use that for the second hand price list 8-)


The price of everything has always been what a person will pay and what a person will accept................my van has always been priceless B-)


I just hope I never crash it as I doubt the insurer will agree >:-(

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An ex Banker Dave?


You must be struggling now without your annual bonus. *-)


I will state the obvious: We ordinary mortals have had enough of your money making ideas and the pain they cause us.


Why not buy a small island with your earnings and stay there.

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Used vehicle prices are only ever driven by what punters are willing to pay, any dealer can advertise a van for £30,000 but if the buying public decides it's only worth £25,000 of their hard earned cash, then that's all it's worth and the dealer will be stuck with it @ £30k for a long time.


Unrealistically high second hand prices are also kept high by foolish buyers who haven't got the intelligence or the patience to research the market properly, they are usually first time buyers or people who are trading in a vehicle, the dealer offers them £5k more than their van is actually worth as a trade in, but has added £7k on to the actual worth of the van on the forecourt, the buyer however, can only see the inflated trade in value, not the mark up on the other one.


I really can't see the point of your post, unless you are actually in the market to buy a van and are disallusioned at the forecourt prices, if that's the case, you seem like an intellegent man, do your research and go do your bit to keep it a buyers market.


At the end of the day, a dealership or independant trader is in business to make money, as are you in your job (past or present), they are going to try their hardest to make as much as possible, wouldn't you ?


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