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More Gore-y Ducato problem


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Further to December MMM Interchange

Last year I had the same problem on my 04 Hymer 584. No speedometer/mileometer and “engine management” light on. However my problem was compounded as I was on Skye at the beginning of a months tour on a Saturday before a bank holiday. As I was not “broken down” after finding F11 kept blowing I took it to a local auto electrician. He found the Diagnostic Plug completely dead, thought it must be an ECU fault and gave up. However in checking all the fuses the loom was disturbed throwing up a couple of faults in the alarm. The second auto electrician also found the diagnostic port dead but using the “tune for maximum smoke” method found the fault in the “oil vapour heater”. He did not have the part but after isolating the fault my Speedometer function was restored. Rearrange camp sites and off to the excellent FIAT dealer in Inverness. New pipe and switch fitted but he could not “clear the fault” as the diagnostic port was dead. By this time every fuse had been pulled at least five times throwing up several false trails. Enter the “wizzkid” with laptop. He found the fuse that powered the diagnostic port was missing. As the diagnostic port should be interrogated every time the van is serviced either the service centre were not doing the job or they remove the fuse to deny access to others. My Hymer had always been serviced by the only UK dealer, not any longer. The initial fault is apparently quite common and inexpensive to fix, it would be interesting to know how many others have had the same problem, In this case finding it was very expensive. The lesson has been learned go straight to the FIAT centre and hope they are as good as the one in Inverness.

PS the Alarm problems (Strikeback) was due to a bad fuse holder, and connections in a terminal box under the rear of the van falling apart due to water in the box.


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The missing fuse for the diagnostic port is a new one on me.


Most problems with fuse 11 blowing are caused by a heater in the front breather box that is not actually used on UK vehicles. It develops a short and you lose Rev lights, speedo and other minor systems. The fuse will blow (vigorously) every time you switch the ignition on until you either replace the pipes with the heater in or just unplug it. That's what we do!


This problem affects almost 50% of 2.8JTD Ducato's between 3 and 5 years old irrespective of mileage and the plug-in diagnostic route does nothing but send you off on a wild goose chase even if the fuse is there for it!



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