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In March 2007 National Tyres and Autocare fitted 5 Barum Vanis 104/102 R tyres to my Autocruise Vista. Since then we have been to Iceland, Norway,Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France and Turkey.:-D

Not necessarily in that order, of course.

After 25100 miles the tyres had worn down to 4 and 3.5 mm on the front and 6 and 5.5 mm on the rear. The spare hadn't been used.

I wanted tyres that would last at least 6000 miles this year and I could have bought two new ones and juggled the others around. That would have meant the same exercise next year so I bought three new Barum Vanis and kept the best worn tyre as spare. Now I am happy that I have four good feet on the ground.

Cost: in 2007 five new tyres cost me £250 This month three new tyres cost me £240. But that did include (I noticed after-wards ) a Lifelong repair guarantee for £7.50 a tyre

As to usability, I found they coped well with all the road surfaces, rain and dry, and didn't wear as much in Turkey as I expected.

Because they have a higher load rating than the original Goodyear 97S I got SVTECH to replate the van by another 300kg so that we could carry food legally!B-)

It would be difficult to say if they are any noisier than the Goodyears. Mostly, the road surface itself is the biggest factor.

I now have Barum tryres on my 406 (which is obviously quieter than the Motor caravan) and they are great in most weathers. I don't do SNOW though. ;-)

I hope this is of some help. Whatever choice you make will be with you for a few years. :->

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Guest Peter James
Barum Brilliantis did very well in the Which report. Low rolling resistance, average at everything else, when you take into account their low price they are a bargain.
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