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Air-Ride - how do you get hold of them????

Mel B

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Symondspeed, who started air-ridfe, sold that side of the business a couple of years ago to a company on the south Coast, but I cannot remember who.

You will find the advert in the back pages of MMM as part of the new company advert.

Good luck


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Hi Mel,


Airide have a half page ad on page 40 of March MMM. They are part of Car-A-Tow of Poole in Dorset.

They are currently at the NEC Boat & Caravan show according to their ad.


Have you tried looking at the Dunlop system from Marcle Leisure?

I looked at Airide, Driverite and Dunlop and opted for the Dunlop as I felt there were several advantages over the others. First you can replace the bellows as a serviceable item as opposed to the entire air bag if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a failure, secondly they seem far better engineered (in my opinion only) and finally I had a simple question I asked about the Driverite and they would not talk to me and their dealers could not get an answer either.




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I agree with Keithl, the Dunlop system is an excellent bit of kit.


I had a pair from Marcle Leisure fitted three weeks ago just before we left for Spain, worth every penny,


You can order them on line and even fit them yourself its quite staight forward but I must admit to having them fitted as I don't crawl around under vehicles as well as I used to!!



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Another nod for the Dunlop set from Marcle! ...


A really tidy,well made piece of kit and straight forward to fit..


There was a brake pipe and bracket which needed reshaping on ours(Renault), something I only found out after I'd already fitted the one side! :-S ...and not something that I wanted to be playing with,whilst scrabblin' around on my back on the driveway!

Ended up getting a local garage to fit 'em for 50quid

(..found out they also mot M/Hs,so in the end a good contact to find!)

Having said that,if I'd have known how our "fit" was going to pan out,I would've looked at getting Marcle to fit them..

(..or,if I had've know about Dave,I would've given him a call! :$ )


Really glad we had them fitted.We needed more rear ground clearance,as due to a very steep driveway,we would sometimes "ground out".I wasn't really that concerned with talk of "better handling"..but once fitted the difference the the handling was amazing!

I didn't bother with gauges or a pump,I just positioned each valve just inside the wheel arch( and fitted small rubber flaps over them to keep the clean).Although for those who perhaps use ferries or alter their loadings a great deal I suppose a pump and gauge set up would make sense..

(sorry for ramblin' :$ )



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Mel B - 2011-02-25 8:03 PM


We're looking to get air-ride fitted to our van at the Peterborough show but hubby has been trying in vain for 3 weeks to get hold of them, both by email and by phone, but to no avail.




Anyone know if somethings up???? 8-)




I'm a mite surprised that you should need air-assistance on your new Chausson.


I was talking to the Drive-Rite exhibitor at the NEC show and said that I had occasionally considered fitting air-bellows units to my Transit-based Hobby's rear suspension.


He asked me whether my motorhome showed signs of being down at the back, or was badly sensitive to cross winds or wallowed on corners. I explained that the Hobby did none of those things and I had no particular reason to think that air-assistance would provide a genuinely useful improvement.


I said that I thought that the ability to adjust the resistance of the air-bellows just might reduce movement in high winds (which I loathe), but I really wanted someone to GIVE me an air-assistance kit to see if that turned out to be the case as I was very reluctant to pay several hundred pounds and then discover that it wasn't. The Drive-Rite exhibitor replied "Well, if it ain't broke..."


Perhaps your Flash 04, with its shorter wheelbase and rear garage, would benefit more from air-assistance than my Hobby.

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I don’t think Marcle offer a fitting service any more, but that’s no problem as any half decent garage can fit them for you. I had the feed lines run through to under the drivers seat with the two inflation valves protruding on the right just below the hand brake.


Located here they stay clean and make adjusting the pressure easy. I didn’t bother with the pressure gauge, just adjust the pressure to suit what you need On my Murvi Morello the kitchen and water are both on the left side so I inflated the left side a little more to compensate.


If you really want to know the pressure then just use your tyre pressure gauge. The capacity of the bellows is quite small I found a bicycle pump adequate to inflate them.


I used them to raise the rear end a little when towing the Smart to Spain, I was already within all my axle weights etc,


I must say they noticeably improve the Morello’s ride although that was not the original intention


I wish they made a set that would fit on my Frisky Sport, now that would be somrthing




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We don't 'need' it as such as our Chausson doesn't have a saggy bottom or anything like that, but having had it on our previous Rimor we got a bit spoilt I think! :D The Rimor went round roundabouts and cornered like it was on rails and was a bit narrower than our current van.


I haven't yet driven our Chausson in anger due to a continuing foot injury, so have only literally driven it about 40ft max on one occasion, but hubby loved how our Rimor handled and whilst the Chausson is very good, it's not quite as good ... as he drives it most of the time when we're away normally who am I to refuse. *-)

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Hi Mel

Don't know if you got your air rides. We bought some from Marcle (Dunlop) Had them fitted at our local Fiat comercial garage .We have only driven it from garage to site where we keep it, but hubby very pleased with the handling , especialy on corners. Looking forward to a better ride when we leave for France end of month. We are using Tesco vouchers on the tunnel crossing for the outboud trip. New experience for us


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I had Airides fitted to our Tranny RWD in September. I had no gripes over the suspension but it did tend to get blown about about a bit, whichb the Airrides have cured.

I was lead to understand by others that a "pressure top up" was needed every 6 months or so, not so with ours, its every 4/5 weeks. Our garage checked the installation was ok and wasnt leaking (the owner being a motorhomer was quite interested and did a thorough job) I later read on the Airide site top up may be needed more frequent, so beware.

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