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Advice sought on low profile/A-class

Guest ChrisB

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We are off to the NEC tomorrow to look for a new smallish motorhome (preferably around 6.5m but must be <7m to fit on our new driveway).

Our current A-class has served us well but now has a number of drawbacks in size/design for our current needs and I am hoping to replace with (probably) a low profile unit (funds may not stretch to another A-class).

The new ‘van will require modification for wheelchair access (ramp or lift and larger door), for washing/showering (larger and more easily accessible washroom), for wheelchair travel (restraints and occupant seatbelt). Almost certainly furniture will need to be removed or modified to improve wheelchair access/manoeuvrability.

Somewhere to store a rigid wheelchair overnight is also high on the priority list. We currently have a fixed rear bed with a large “garage” under. I will probably be looking to keep this arrangement.

Besides the double another bed is needed which must be low and easily accessible (overcab is out of the question). I know there are some low profile models around with cab drop-down beds, but I will have to see if they descend as low as in the current 'van. An alternative is a front dinette or similar which can be made up to a single bed.

About to spend the afternoon doing some research on the major manufacturers’ websites – but if anyone has already visited the show or has suggestions this would be much appreciated.



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Hi Chris

Suggest 1st stand to visit is Nivarna Motorhomes, if they are exhibiting (their Website is not accessable) but they may have changed their name to "Lifestyle & Leisure Showroom" or "Campervans4U"

They do wheelchair friendly Low Profiles.

The LP "Oasis" we saw (NEC 2009) had rear garage with transverse Bed over. Wheel-in shower & low level kitchen. (under 7m long)

They do have a selection of layouts, but most are built to order.


Herne Bay Motors

229 Sea Street

Herne Bay




Phone: 01227 372222 or 0800 328 1475


All the above names have the same address ?


Another contact - http://www.zednet.co.uk/campervans4u/listings/446.html


This site gives an idea of the interior :-




Alternatively - we have a "Milford Person Lift" fitted to the Cab Passenger side.



Hope that gives you some starters.

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Thanks for these links - very helpful.

just returned exhausted from the NEC. Didn't find Nirvana but came across Coachbuilt GB who will modify standard production motorhomes for disabled etc.

Also identified a couple of low profile 'vans with transverse rear double bed and front dinette under 7m (Swift and Autotrail) but disappointed with payloads for both (300-400kg without any "extras"which I believe is inadequate for 3 people). The 3850kg chassis is not listed as an option - but I will follow up just in case.


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Hi Chris

I thought after posting that Nivana may well have succumbed in the current recession.

But worth trying the other contact No's as they may have just re-named.


Also it may be worth visiting the Mobility Roadshow 2011 at the East of England Showground at Peterborough on Thursday 30th June, Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July.


Entry is free:- www.mobilityroadshow.co.uk

where you can pre-register for your free tickets and test drive opportunities, whether as a driver or a passenger.


nb the Autotrail Apache 700 is available on the 4000kg chassis, but longer than your 7m




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