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Motorhome Satellite Domes


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Hi, I'm new to the forum so I hope I've got it right.


I currently use a tripod mounted satellite dish with a Sky + box but, for greater convenience and to avoid the affects of the wind, would like to upgrade to a roof mounted dome. Because I'm using Sky + I must have a twin LNB in order to watch and record simultaneously.


I was quite interested in a Camos dome because it has detachable feet and is easily removable to another vehicle. However, having looked at their web site, I now know that they no longer make a twin LNB model.


Wondered if anybody out there is using a twin LNB dome, or whether anyone could advise or recommend.

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Hi Andy and welcome to the forum.


Satellite domes is something that I have spent quite a lot of time doing research on recently - I too am looking to purchase soon.


I was / am quite impressed by the Tracvision and Maxview twin LNB models available. If you Google either of the above I'm sure you will find the information you are seeking. Both these units can be relocated to other vehicles when the time comes - but at the cost of sacrificing the mounting plates which are not a fortune by the way.



John & Anne.

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