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MK7 Transit Headlamp Masking (again)


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As it is getting close to the start of the main season for touring, I thought it might be useful to re-publish the following website address:




This little website gives the instructions for masking the headlamps of a MK7 Transit (the current shape) for both right and left hand drive, for driving on both the right and the left.


This information has been quite difficult to come by in the past and as the headlamps on a MK7 are different to all previous Transits (the lenses are plain and have no alignment marks), this guidance is potentially quite useful.


Please forgive me if it appears that I am 'spamming' this point by posting twice on the same subject. The reason is that I know someone who missed my addendum to the original post of 20 March 2009 and was trying to use the original and by now defunct web address. It seemed easier and simpler to publish the advice again rather than hope that a reader would follow an old thread to find a new link.



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