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Don't know if it will help but I'm using a Sony PRS 650 which is great.


I don't know the basic storage figure (which is all I'm using at the moment), but this quote from the Sony site may help :-


"Store up to 1200 books on your Reader and tens of thousands more on a Memory Stick™ Duo Pro and SD Card (up to 32GB)"


However, if you're after 3G connectivity, it doesn't have it,






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Guest 1footinthegrave
I've just taken delivery of a Kindle, I believe it is 3 Gb, enough for 3500 books, I guess that would be just about what I would have read over the last 165 years if I'd been around that long. Joking apart we are VERY impressed with it. I'd urge you to check out the thread I started earlier last week for more helpful advice :-)
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