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Webasto Dualtop

Pat  Mo

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Hi you all

We have recently purchased an Autosleeper Cotswold EB [60] been away twice enjoyed everything except cold showers!!!!

The Webasto Dualtop seems unable to heat the van' and the hot water, even if you wait for several hours between using the hot water system.

I read with interest Ian & Sarah article and they are having the same problem.

Should we just have cold showers and save the planet [not my marriage] or is there a major problem with this system?

The reply from Webasto was interesting and his final comment was it can be used 24/7! only if you use the heater. :-S

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In that earlier thread, Derek wrote

'My early-morning cold-weather strategy is to get up early, switch the heater (in my case a Truma C-6002EH) into gas-fuelled water-heating-only mode, then rapidly return to bed. When the water-temperature thermostat causes the heater to shut down (I can hear the gas-valve close), then it's OK to switch the heater to blown-air mode.'


I'm sure this an effective process. I, myself, (when on EHU) tend to leave the unit on Winter setting (water and heat) with the heat turned down to number 1 or 2 on the thermostat (depending on the outside temp). When awake (as past of the tea making process) turn up the 'stat' a little if required.


This means a nice hot tankful of water available for showering along with a nice background warmth to rise to.


Obviously, in a non EHU situation I might switch to Derek's method so as not to use gas for too long overnight.






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