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Fire Extinguisher


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My camper, which was new last year, was not fitted with a fire extinguisher when supplied and I haven't yet got round to buying one, mainly because I'm not sure which is the correct type.


I seem to remember reading an article a while ago in one of the publications where it stressed the importance of the type of extinguisher to fit.


Can anyone assist please.



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Most people fit a 1 Kg dry ABC dry powder. Not knowimg which type is not an excuse, any seller of fire extinguishers should be able to tell you and any extinquisher is better than none, and there is an abundance of web sites all about fire extinquishers if you use google.


CO2 types are good as leave no mess apart from what has burned, but you need quite a large one except for very small fires and how to use properly. So the best option is ABC dry powder of at least 1Kg. I keep a 2Kg behind the drivers seat as I can get access to it from the drivers door reaching in, and also within the living area. Some also choose to fit a small one within fast reach of the cooking area and from the habitation door.

It is also important to get a fire blanket. This should be easily accessible in the living area. In some countries all vehicles must carry an extinqhisher by law.


I have just grabbed the 1st link I found using google and it explains the types. http://www.mfs-fire-extinguishers.co.uk/types.htm


Buy and fit one along with a fireblanket, and 1st aid kit before your next trip, tomorrow may be too late.

By searching around you can pick up many at very reasonable prices.

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