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EOBD Engine Failure Control System


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Help Required : Fiat 2.8 JTD

Just returned from short break and the Engine failure control system light has come on the dashboard. According to the book it is the warning for fuel feed/ignition problem.

Symptons - lumpy on idle tick over and hesitant on acceleration.

The good news it got me home OK.

Before I take it to the doctors for a diognosis check on the engine management system I was wondering whether anyone had experience of this feature and the likely cause.





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I don't know about likely causes but possible causes are a wet or dirty connection somewhere in the system?

Quite how you go about tracing the cabling from all the sensors to the ECU is a bit of a mystery too but I would be inclined to have a good poke about under the bonnet and around the engine and carefully disconnect, check, clean if needed and reconnect any connectors that I found.

Bit of a long shot but it is at least free!

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Thanks for advice , had the vehicle to a diesel injection specialist and he found a poor electrical connection on no.2 cylinder that was made worse when the vehicle was up to temperature. He has made good the connection but cannot guarantee it will not come back.

Does anyone know if you can purchase a repair kit in the form of a pigtail plug connector that you could solder into the wiring loom ?

A new wiring loom is very expensive.

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We had a problem in MArch with the fuel injection warning light coming on with loss of power, very frightening when you're on a French (free) motorway with a hard shoulder not even wide enough for a car let alone a m'home or juggernaut. It was an intermittent problem, sometimes minor sometimes severe, when the vehicle went from 60 ish down to walking speed in seconds.


The garage near Metz got the diagnostics on it, cured it! they said, and you won't have any more problems. 15 miles down the road it happened again. The following day they took it for a drive as well and when we returned to the garage they had taken out the connectors (Cheap plastic rubbish IMO) and had soldered it. We have had no more problem with the fuel injection light.


Some of you might remember we had a problem with the immobiliser a couple of years ago. Fiat in Exeter changed the box but we still get problems with not being able to start, it mostly happens in France, so we think it's the poor roads shaking the connectors apart.


Chris keeps a screwdriver in the cab so that if we need to start in a hurry (like on the ferry, which happened last year) he just unscrews the cover and jiggles the connectors about a bit.


Our motorhome is a 2002 model.

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