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auto transmission oil leak!

big olga

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Hi, Folks, "Big Olga" has developed an oil leak from the torque converter.

I have been driving the Mercedes Benz 2.4 l/h drive for six months now, she was dry; no drips, then last month I noticed a small drip from the TC area.

It has got much worse latley

I am thinking that the seals have hardened or the TC drain plug is loose.

I would be glad of any advice on the subject as this is my first Auto Trans.

On the road she drives well with lots of torque.


Best Wishes Dave and "Big Olga"

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As well as what Dave says, transmission fluid and gearbox oil have a totally differant 'Smell' from engine oil, as they havn't been aywhere near as hot as engine oil. They will retain that 'original oil' smell, and be a lot less 'Black' as they won't contain carbon from the ignition process.

It IS important to know exactly where the oil is coming from.

Sorry if this is telling 'Granny how to suck eggs'. Ray

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Hi ,The Mercedes Benz Van centre want to see "Big Olga" they said they would give me a free assesment and would check the engine and transmission and give me a report as to what is required. they said they do not see 32 year old Mercs these days!


I feel a big bill comming on!


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