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Front Seats in Eldiss Autoquest


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Can anybody help ? I have recently bought an Eldiss Autoquest 120 but find the suspension and the impact through the driving seat really painfull. (sore rear)

Has anybody got any previous experience of this and how did they resolve it ?


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Guest Peter James

Sounds like the tyre pressures are too high.

Vehicle manufacturers tend to quote high tyre pressures in case you overload the van, as many do.

Ideally you need to weigh each axle on a weighbridge, in full running order, then you can reduce the tyre pressures to the optimum level, using this chart.

click link: http://www.tyresafe.org/data/files/motorhome%2008.pdf


Some people like high tyre pressures because harder wheels have less rolling resistance and therefore fuel consumption. But take that to its logical conclusion and we would be running on solid steel wheels which would shake both us and our vehicles to bits. You have to compromise, and have some cushioning.

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