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My Patient - The Soldier


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Looked after this old man yesterday in a dementia unit, can't talk or walk or feed himself now.

This was on his wall, written by him with help from his daughter when he first came in.


I changed his name for obvious reasons.




When you see this shadow of my former self

Dependent on carers, poor in health,

Go back sixty one years to a Normandy shore

To a fit young man, one of many at war.

Remember now when I can't walk, sing or dance.

I ran and fought on those beaches in France.

When I'm deaf and I cannot hear very well

And you have to repeat all that you tell.

Guns deafened my hearing in World War 2

Now it's a difficult task to understand you.

When it takes me a while to absorb what you say,

Recall my alertness on that memorable day.

When I can't read print and images are unsure

Remember the things that these tired eyes once saw.

Guns firing, shells bursting, ending so many lives

Lost friends who never returned to their wives.

When I'm confused and can't cope with things of the day.

The brave friends I lost seems to join me and say

"Don't worry Roy you still have a great life,

With caring friends, a family and wife".

On those D.Day beaches I was merely a boy

I fought for a future for you all to enjoy

You are that future, so live life to the full

And remember Roy Caine - Unforgettable!


Thought some of you who visit the Normandy beaches may like to read it.



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Guest Tracker

Lest we forget.


Your story reminds me


I had a good friend once, a retired RAF wartime Group Captain.

He was a lovely man so quiet and unassuming that you would never guess that he had been a Hurricane pilot to start with and had shot down many - he would never say how many but his wife knew - and been shot down twice himself.

He had seen so many friends killed in the Battle of Britain and after and had gone on to play a major role in air defence strategy both during and after the war.

Towards the end of his days he became very confused and frail and was conned out of money more than once by rogue traders who soon learned where a soft touch lived and eventually he was forced out of his own home and into care which was very sad and although this was over twenty years ago and he is long gone it still brings a tear when I am reminded - and I hope it always will - thank you.


Lest we forget.


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