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Please can anyone help this Burstner Delfin owner find a suitable lightweight awning. I am aware that the habitation door will probably not be covered because of its position and a heavy Safari Residence is not suitable for us. Have been looking at Movelite ads. It does not have to be "driveaway" Thanks Daf
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We had a movelite driveaway(..which we sold it before we used it in anger).However we have an Outdoor revolution EasiPorch(which is a caravan awning).

The older version of this:




(..they do have some larger,more expensive models in their range tho'..)


...and that cleared the habitation door of our X250 Compass120 but obviously it needs a decent,sturdy awning rail to tension it from.


There are loads of other caravan porch awnings about though,you'll just have to check the rail heights..

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We used to use a Harrison Hi Top Drive Away Awning. Very good, but heavy and hard work to erect and take down.

We now use this Screendome tent as a store room for table, chairs, and wiping wet dogs etc.

Very light and easy to transport, and takes 5-10 mins to erect max !

We only use it when we are on the same site for a week or more but it saves all the jiggling about with a drive away awning.

It may, or may not suit your needs, but worth considering!




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We too have an Easi Porch which we have just bought from fleabay.


The reason for purchasing this one is the steel poles and almost horizontal roof. There is another old model one which is longer 3m also with steel poles.


We have a Omnistor wind out awning, very useful, but we are reluctant to leave it out in windy conditions. We have side panels and a sunscreen for the Omnistor, but this is for summer weather, not the spring and autumn.


We also have two different free standing awnings. One an NR is very cosy in windy weather, but swealtering in the sun as well as heavy. The other sold by Reimo is the opposite with no polythene in windows only mesh with covers.


We select which to take according to weather forecast and activity taking place, ie for kite festivals we stay in one place for the long weekend.


I would attach photos if I knew how!




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