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i need a new skylight for above shower room in burstner m/h,the old one is a remis 400x400mm,i phoned remis uk support who said it was made espically for burstner then said it is possible any 400x400 might fit,im confused, the depth is 50mm,hope someone can help, also would i need a selant to fit it ,thanks,j23,
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The site gives dimensions.Most skylights can cope with varying thickness of ceiling.


Check yours by undoing the inner screws that join inside to outside and drop the inner frame to reveal the actual size of the aperature.


A power screwdriver helps as there may be up to eight long screws.


The usual sealant is a very sticky butyl tape. The best way to get the old unit out is to cut the old sealant with a very sharp knife. but even thats a struggle. Wear strong gloves- you will slip. The proverbial stuff that sticks to a blanket is very low grade sticky stuff compared to butyl. Seeing Mels reply reminded me. I used a wood chisel one of a set of three bought for the job at enormous expense ( 3 Euros) in a supermarket. They did the job but were unfit for even stirring paint.


Dont overtigthen.


Mine blew out in FMarch last year in France. It was -3C. I bought a replacement and fitted it. Over night it snowed, Talk about just in time.



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Hi George


Welcome to the mad house! :-D


Any standard 400mm x 40mm skylight will fit, they adjust for the depth anyway when you put them in. As for sealant, you don't use a tube type, you use the ribbon sealant/bedding mastic which you get on a roll about 20mm wide and 5mm deep - it looks a bit like a strip of plasticine but in a long length!




They skylights are often called 'vents' and come in clear, smoke and white - with white being the cheapest. There's this one on ebay (and several more):


Fiamma Roof Vent


In the past I've replaced them on a Rapido which had white vents but for which I wanted clear ones to let in light - they were easy to do, with the hardest part being removing the old vents' sealant which was a pain and necessitated the use of a paint scraper blate (the razor blade type) to get the stuff off.

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thanks for the info,i removed the inside frame piece of the skylight and found i only need the dome piece i have the brackets and frame, but one bracket has broken away from the dome ,it will have to be the same a remis, the only markings on the frame are, asa ps remis 10007175, and a clock face showing 4-10 my burstner is 05 so i presume 4-10 is oct 04, hope this makes some sence,tried the web site no images so not sure whitch one, thanks again,g23,
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