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If you need insurance - check this out

Mel B

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We've just renewed the landlord insurance for our rental property in Scunthorpe having received a renewal letter from our current provider (Endsleigh) for £200 8-) which I thought was getting a bit tooooooo steep.


Having trawled the internet hubby used CIA to get a comparison of different providers and it came back with policies, the same as we have or better, ranging from £106-£139.


Having chatted with a very pleasant and helpful lady on the phone (she rang us) and comparing what the various policies offered, we ended up with Towergate at a cost of ... wait for it ... £104!!! That's right - nearly half the cost!!! :->


The original price was £116 but I asked if she could better it and she got permission from her manager to reduce it to £104. It is better cover than we have at present, the excesses are less, and it is underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance, Allianz and Groupama.


They also do motorcycle, house, car, van, travel etc insurance (look under the tab marked 'other insurance' third in from the right so I know who we'll be contacting again when we next need insurance!




Hubby's now trying to decide what to spend the saving on! *-)

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For the new apartment which we let, we were originally led to believe that we couldn't get insured with a mainstream insurer because of its non standard roof, (it's a space age plastic design).


Hmm, got in touch with the Post Office, (can't remember why), no problem at all Sir, how does £48 sound?


Visa out of wallet and the call ended :D



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