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Furniture bulders?


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Hi guy's,


Does anyone know of anyone who has bought an empty van and had it converted by a company in to their desired mototorhome, rather than themselves (self build)?


What I'd like to know is, who the company was who carried out the work and some sort of rough costings please?


Thanks for any info you can come up with :-D

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Prices vary depending on what you want. You could start at £7k, possibly lower, and go up to £15k and higher. It is likely to cost more than you budget as you will probably want more and more fitted. It is good practice say some to allow another 50% on top of what you budget.


The type of base van chosen also has an impact. I've been told by a converter that the new Fiat's are cheaper to convert than Mercs because of the interior shape.


Buy the mag and there are plenty of converters mentioned.

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Hi Steve & welcome to the forum.


Your question is a little difficult to give a definative answer.

What have you in mind.

1 High-top or Elevating Roof

2 What base vehicle you have in mind.

3 A "standard format layout or bespoke.

4 Budget guide

5 Level of equipment -

just a basic conversion or full shower/toilet room

type of cooker, (hob only, hob & grill, or + full oven)

fridge (compressor or absorbsion)

6 Heating - Gas or Diesel.

& the list goes on.


As Brock posted there are many coverters available around the country. So partly depends if you want someone local or prepared to travel.


Check out the magazines for some possibilities, then check out web-sites for an indication.

Also have a look at the manufacturers' products to clarify layout styles.


But do contact the converter(s) before committing to a base Vehicle, with a reasonably clear idea of your requirements.

They should all be able to inform you what is possible on your prefered base Vehicle & answer your questions.

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