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Hi Chubb & welcome to the forum.

I’m unsure what size would fit your Inca, but guess either 3.5m or 4m, possibly 4.5m

Fiamma & Omnistor are the common two manufacturers

Fiamma F45= Privacy Room

Omnistor = Safari Residence Room



There is a fitting instruction Video on the site, but IMHO a job best left for the Dealers.

Fiamma Awning 3.5m c£430, 4.0m c£480, 4.5m c£590 (all plus fitting)

Fiamma Privacy Room 3.5m c£500, 4.0m c£505 4.5m c£525


Generally more expensive 3.5m average c£600

Ditto - Omnistor Safari Residence Room 3.5m c£900

Check out the Buy & Sell on this site & also the Caravan Club as the Privacy Rooms / Safari Rooms regularly come up for sale.

Don’t forget they are fairly heavy especially with the Rooms, (c40 to 50kg combined), so will impact on your payload.


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