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upgraded chassis


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Many chassis are capable of suporting more than, say 3.5 ton, but are plated at 3.5t max to enable people with restricted licences (ie car only) to drive them.

Some convertors will offer the same chassis 'upgraded' to 3.8t in order to give a greater payload, or to carry a bigger engine+auto gearbox. This is a paper exercise only -there is no difference in the running gear.

I supose it is not so much that chassis are 'upgraded' as the standard offering is on a 'downgraded' chassis in the first place!

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You can opt for heavier duty springs and tyres when ordering a Ducato chassis or van.


The standard set up is an ideal compromise between ride height and comfort/handling and this works fine for most vans that are loaded part of the time and empty on the return journey. If you want to improve the 'stance' or load level of a mainly loaded vehicle and take the upgrades you risk a choppy ride if you are ever running without a load in the back; and I know I have several long body Ducato's with twin rear leaf springs that are mighty bouncy when empty.


With a camper; you are nearly fully loaded all of the time so I would say that ticking the boxes for the modestly priced heavy duty parts from the factory would be a good idea.


If you are buying a van for conversion the twin leaf spring option is only £82 and is well worth it.



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