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MD80 mini webcam for scooter


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Just thinking about a mini webcam and putting it on my bike helmet.

They are on ebay for around £12. Do they work straight out of the box etc?

Does anyone have any experience of them?

Dont know whether its a silly idea or have had too much sun today.

Thank you B-)

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Haven't yet got one myself, but have read quite a bit about them on the CTC forums.

I think the one you've seen on ebay is copy of the MUVI helmetcam which retails for around £70.

Apparently, the ebay ones are the same camera, just imported direct from Hong Kong.

Some of the footage I've seen on youtube isn't too bad.

The only reason I've not got one yet is that I'm not too sure about what programmes I'd need to edit the footage (I can't quite remember what type the files are).

Not a daft idea at all. Depends whether you want to film motorists cutting you up or having a nice record of pootling around the countryside.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you, I am not sure about the use of it, I just happened to see a link to it on youtube.


A couple of months ago in the CC mag, there was an article about a drive cam that one could fit to a car. It retailed at about £300. Such devices are used on buses and activate on severe braking or impact. The footage is very revealing, but I wondered if there was a cheaper version. I think a similar system is used in Australia to reduce the insurance for young drivers and make them slow down.


We always carry a disposable camera for use in the event of an accident, but live footage would be even better especially if it were cheap. B-)

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The CTC (Cyclists Touring Club) have been running a scheme called "Fill That Hole" for a couple of years now.

If a cyclists, or anyone for that matter, spots a pothole, they can upload the information, including photos and theCTC send it on to the relevant authority.

As you can imagine, this last winter has seen a massive increase in reports.

Incidentally, they also publish a league table of which council / authority acts on the reports.


Regarding use of helmet cameras, there have been a couple of cases recently, which have been featured in the media, whereby video footage has been used in evidence in courts.

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Have a look at this unit from seven day shop . com:



I bought one before Christmas and I have to say its performance is surprisingly good for such a cheap item, and for just £26 it includes a 8GB memory card. Includes car charging lead and a multi use mounting system.



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Dave, thanks for the info on the camera.

I've looked at the youtube link from 7dayshop.com and the video quality seems better than the MUVI that I previously mentioned.

Can I ask if you've actually editied or saved any footage on your PC/laptop?

Am I right in thinking that the files are AVI and if so, what editing suite do you use.

I only have the basic Microsoft one, which if I remember correctly, doesn't support AVI.

Thinking about it now, my steam driven PC doesn't even have USB2 *-)


One thing we must mention, regarding the original posting is the issue of vibration.

The youtube footage shown, recorded from the top of the guys scooter helmet, looks remarkably steady.

I've tried mounting my own small Lumix camera on my bicycle handlebars and shot some movie footage. The vibration was really poor, so unless you're pootling along some nice smooth tarmac on balloon tyres, I'd be wary about the results.


But great value at £26, although the video reviewer states he got his from ebay for £16.

As a loyal 7dayshop customer, I know where I'd shop. ;-)

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Windoze Movie Maker is rubbish IMHO. I use Media Studio Pro ( 7 I think) for video editing. Camera shake is not an issue with this camera as it has a fairly wide angle lens and fixed focus. I haven't shot much footage with it yet but I did get some half decent results with it filming a band in a poorly lit pub and was astounded at the quality of the footage and the sound. I paid £20 for mine from 7 day shop and consider it excellent value, I bought it to mount on the roll bar of the car I'm building.



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Dave, thanks for the response.

Yup, you've correctly identified the programme I have!

Must confess it's been OK for me to make slide shows from stills,

but I've never done any video editing, which is why I was asking.

Good idea about recording the band, though.

If I get one I could try it out at our Ceilidh band practices. :D

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I paid nearly twice the price that Dave N paid for a very similar looking camera. :'(



One problem with mine is that there is a default date displayed which can be changed, but cannot be deleted. If the battery flattens or the camera powered up it shows the default date 1/1/2009 on all videos.


Quality not too bad, the usb lead if car mounted needs anchoring otherwise can shake out.


Takes video lengths of about 10 minutes, then starts the next 10 mins , when the card is filled the earliest viceo is overwritten, so there is a continuious record until stopped.


Its amazing what you see / film !!!



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