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Problems loading POI's onto Garmin 3790t, ....help!!!


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Hi all, I have recently bought a Garmin 3790t to replace a Tom Tom xl which died! I have connected it to my PC no problem and uploaded Garmin POI Uploader. When I try to upload from camping-car infos web and bordatlas site i can save the file to a folder in my documents both zipped and unzipped but when i the use garmin poi loader and click onto the folder i cant seem to then save them into the POI file on the Sat Nav.I seem to have saved some POI's from UK sites but by accident!!

I have made sure that i click on the Garmin POI's.

Please help a buffoon out with a idiots guide. I've tried a search on this site and GPS site but no joy!! (?)

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Which file format are you trying to save them in?




Have one main folder on you PC called say " POI loaded 12042011"


Within this main folder all of the different files have to be in their own folder - eg the "Aires of FR" folder will contain two files - the "bmp" file for the image and either the "csv" file or "gpx" file for the format.


THat's how I got them loaded onto my 1690.



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Hi JohnP thanks for the reply, i have got one folder I've called Garmin POI downloads funnily enough and i think the type of file may be where the problem is. I thought that if i clicked on the garmin part of the download (not Tom Tom or Navman or whatever) then the file should be in the correct format. How do i check? (?)

PS within the garmin poi download folder all the other downloaded pois have their sub-folder but the garmin poi loader doesn't seem to recognise these sub-folders (doh)

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Within your main folder called "Garmin POI" place your sub folders.


eg sub folder named "AiresFR"

In this folder place the data file named "AiresFR" in either CSV or GPX format. I don't think other file types work with Garmin. To find out which type of file you have simply hover your mouse arrow over the file and the type of file will come up in a small box on the top line.


Also in this sub folder place the BMP files (this graphic will show on your Garmin map) The BMP file must have the same name as the data file "AiresFR"


The sub folder and the two files it contains must have the same name. Only the tag (file type) on the end of the file name will be different.


Each set of POI's must have their own sub folder eg AiresFr AuchanFR FreeMiFi CaravanClub etc


Hope this helps If it doesn't work for you PM me and I will email my files over to you.

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