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pressure washer


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i have a karcher 390 pressure washer,1.7 kw,110 bar, when i turn it on the motor starts when i press the spray gun there is no pressure just a trickle of water ,i was told it might be the starting motor i have looked at this and it looks ok apart from a couple of small cracks in the plastic,it has been procted from frost, hope someone can suggest something apart from buying a new one,thank you,g23,
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Is the water pressure from the mains/hose high enough to feed the demands of the pressure pump?

Have you checked for any water leaks along the way - where the hose clips onto the washer is a favourite if the 'hozelock' type connector is used as the rubber seals perish and leak?

An airlock is another possibilty - take the lance off and allow water to pump through before refitting?


Much of that is clutching at straws but all have affected my pressure washer from time to time.


Do be careful if using it on a van as delicate surfaces, soft sealants, windows with gaps and various vents are not at all pressure washer friendly?

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