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It could happen to you


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I am just back from my trip to Portugal etc.


As I came into Spain and pulled up for a cuppa, disaster! My engine wouldn't start and the readout said

" Engine malfunction". As a retired engineer I did the best thing and phoned the ADAC who arranged recovery.

After a night on the Bosch Service Centre forecourt and a full diagnostics etc. I was told my injector pump and injectors etc would need changing. Now, for you engineers out there, the filter indicator was not "red" or even "yellow", the mileage is 34,000 and it has a full Ford service history. (It's a MK7 2.2 Transit by the way).


So I am puzzled as to what went wrong, my local Ford service think it may have been a load of contaminated fuel or that before I owned it the previous owner filled it with petrol. Who knows? The main reason for this post informative, lots of you use the same 2.2 PSA engine as Ford, (Fiat, Puegeot, Citroen etc) and probably the same filter system.


The ADAC were excellent, they put me and the wife up in a nice hotel for a week and paid the bill, they acted as translators, negotiated best prices and kept me informed with a daily or twice daily phone call. I cannot fault their service. The Bosch service centre they reccommended was top notch, if a bit expensive.


The cost was 2,700 euros.





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