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Motor cycle carriers


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I know there have been lots of postings on this subject, but I can't find my answer in them.


We have a Hymer S classs on a 6 tonne chassis, so payload/overhang problems don't apply as we travel with a max of 5.25 tonnes. I have bought a Suzuki Bergman 400 scooter and am trying to determine if there are any carriers (no towbar on the van) that will carry the scooter weight. The kerb weight is 216kg plus fuel 13kg (13 litres) plus helmets, say 5 kg - total weight 235kg. Also, most carriers are aluminium based and will the ramp carry this weight?


Any thoughts on this, anyone, please?


Any other considerations, other than the obvious one of theft? Will I get health insurance overseas? Most policies exclude health/accident cover for riding a bike over 125cc!


Thanks in anticipation.


Colin Robinson.

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Hi Colin,


Not sure where you are in the world but it may be worth you contacting Armitage Trailers in Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire.


If you explain what you are after they may be able to help (?) I had a motor cycle carrier made by them which is very substantial and works well.


Here's their web site:



As for insurance then I'm sorry I cannot help you there :-|


Hope this helps.



John & Anne.

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For travel insurance with a motorbike trySafeguard - i have a travel policy that from them that includes motorbike use (no engine size restriction). The same underwriter will sell direct but it was a couple of £s cheaper via safeguard.


i found it by googling motorbike travel insurance overseas


I always look carefully at travel policies because they exclude so much - some excluded walking over 2000m or 3000m which is mad.


I tow my bike on a trailer.





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Newark Vehicle Bodies did a stonking bespoke HD twin bike rack for our previous MH so worth a try.

Bike insurance has never been a problem via Traders & General Insurance, ask for Steve.

316 Romford Road


E7 8BD

Phone 020 8519 8070 / 020 8519 5950



That Bergmann is a heavy old beast and could add half a tonne to your rear axle because of the weight of the rack and overhang.




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We carry a 125cc scooter on a rack on the back of our MH. But it only weighs about 105 kgs (Honda Innova 125i.......a BRILLIANT scooter for two people.)


For your weight of bike, it might be worth having a look at Utube video of motorbike racks with wheels - I've seen quite a few of them whilst touring around France.


Basically, they fit onto a towbar but with two towballs, and have either one or two road-wheels; thus the weight of your Burgman is not being carried by your MH rear axle.


It's not a trailer, in the sense that it is fixed to the rear of your MH, so you can reverse without any trailer-type problems. But it is articulated up and down on the two towballs.

They look brilliant, and only add maybe 1.5 metres to the length of your MH.

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I would agree with BDG here. The weight of your bike may be to much for your rear axle, although I did see a Brit couple in Bruges last year with a 500cc scooter on the back of a Swift Kontiki. The best known rack with wheels is probably the Easylifter Hydratrail. I looked at this at the NEC this year and it is a well engineered product. My reservation with it is the amount of swing behind the rear wheels, it adds 1.2 mtr behind the rear wheels. This added to my curent overhang would make for very carefull driving in tight places.
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We had a bike carrier fitted earlier this year by Armitage and are very pleased with it BUT the downward weight limit on the towbar is 150kg max. (most are only 80KG) The platform weighs 20KG so you have 130KG max to play with. The length of overhang also affects the weight you can carry.

There is a good article in this month's (May) MMM.

Armitage also fit the one with 2 wheels on the ground which would take a lot more weight.

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Thanks very much for all your posts. I knew there was a wealth of knowledge out there!


I spoke to Armitage who say that 200 kg is about the safe maximum for a rack. Above that and they recommend the trailer option. So I'll have a think about all you've written.


Ta muchly.



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