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Hymer 700


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Hymer S700 Bar Layout Rear fixed Bed or Rear Lounge


Chassis Daimler Benz 410D (Transporter)

Engine 2874cc Diesel. Model 611.4 Type 602.940 Cylinders 5

Output Max B.H.P. (DIN) 70kW at 3800 rpm

Max Tourque 19.2 kgm (138 ft lb) at 2400 – 2800rpm

5 speed manual gear box

Length 7.21m (23 feet 8 inches)

Height 2.81m (9ft 3 inches)

Width 2.22m (7ft 3½ inches)

Wheelbase 3.70m (12ft 1¾ inches)

Un-laden Weight 3380kg (3.73 ton)

Gross Weight 4600kg (5.075 ton)

Max Load Front Axle 1700kg

Max Load Rear Axle 3200kg

Load 1220Kg (1.35 ton)

Max Trailer Weight 1300Kg (1.433 ton)

Max Train Weight 5900Kg (6.5 ton)

Tank Capacity 120 litres. (Standard is 70 litres)

Fuel Consumption 12–14 litres/100km (17 to 20MPG)



Engine (Type 602) 7.0litres Change oil & Filter every 11120 kilometers (6000 miles)

Transmission 2.3 litres

Rear Axle (type 741.5 1.8 litres

PAS 1.6 litres (Dexron II-D ATF fluid)

Cooling System 7.7 litres


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