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electric step on fiat ci pegaso c181


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Hi all. I am new to motorhomes as well as fairly ignorant to their secrets. I have a CI Pegaso C181 (X reg) and the electric steps have failed electrically. They worked perfectly until they collapsed to the ground as the wooden joists had rotted. This has all been repaired and on reconnection they ceased to work. I believe they are Project 2000 (2 step model and there are no markings on them). If I connect them to my car battery they function properly. If I connect to the caravan control cable the voltage drops to zero. I can not see any mico-switch (or anything similar) on the step to tell the motor it is fully retracted or extended. The buzzer goes when you press the up or down switch on the control panel.

I would be grateful to anyone who could set me on the right path.

Regards to all.

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There is a crude switch (not a microswitch) which is actuated when the step is fully retracted. These get corroded and filled with dirt so are the most likely culprit. The condition you gave for the wood suggests dirt and damp and its also possible that the wiring or in-line connectors could be oxidised or rotted through. Some voltage checks with a meter would help.

All of these electric steps are wired in a similar manner and the picture on this link below should help.

Take care




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