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Removing Status Plus 315/5 antenna.


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Can anybody offer advice on removing this Status Plus antenna from my camper ? Apart from it being surplus to requirements the fact that it is mounted at nearside means that it occasionally catches on low branches.
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I'd suggest you remove the "dome" only, and not the mounting foot.


The former should be relatively easy to remove from the latter (AFAIR, a couple of grubscrews and an Allen key - and you may have to remove the plug from the end of the coax to pull it up through the roof) .


As part of the unit (already installed or not) you should have been supplied with a plastic blanking cap, which will then fill the hole in the mount (though I'd seal around this cap as well if you intend to semi-permanently remove the dome).


It leaves a relatively neat finish, and also allows for refitting in the future if you change your mind, or sell-on.


If you haven't got the blanking cap, then I suspect you could get one at most caravan accesory shops, though they are available direct from the manufacturer:



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I believe that the upper end of the coax is "captive" in the dome (which is not simple to dismantle).


On installation, the smallest hole possible should really be used, which means just big enough to get the coax through without a plug on it. I suspect in many cases, as the instructions indicate it should also fit the plug, it may have been made bigger than that.


The foot should already be securely sealed to the roof all round it's perimiter, hence the only way for water to enter once the dome is removed, is through the hole left at the top of the foot, which can be sealed with the purpose built cap already mentioned.


So, the whole dome unit needs to be withdrawn, along with the coax, and this may require the coax plug to be removed if it won't fit through the hole in the roof.


You may be left with a small hole (where the coax used to enter) inside the 'van, but I suspect this will be inside a cupboard anyway - it could be closed with a grommet, or covered elsewhere, but this shoudl only be a cosmetic issue, not a leakage one.


The fitting instructions (if you don't have them) are at:




...and should give a good indication as to removal.



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