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I don't know if this subject has been posted before so I thought that some of my observations might help others to blend in, please feel free to add/argue/stay on a campsite just enjoy your travel.

Only use one parking bay.

Park with your habitation door toward the plain wall of the van next door, to preserve privacy.

Park so that you can enter/leave without encroaching on next door's space.

With a RHD van park with the passenger side of the van right on the line, if there is one, thus giving space within your bay for your outside space. 

Camping (Awnings/windbreaks etc) on an aire is frowned upon, thats not to say that you cant put out a couple of folding chairs to enjoy a late night Verre.

Pollution by means of noise or waste on the parking area can lead to lynching.

Do not be suprised if theres someone washing their salad at the water tap.

EHU's will require more cable than you are carrying.

Use by caravans is considered to be eccentric.

The French will be equally annoyed as you if some Pr*t parks on the service point.

You can stay for more than one night but with such a large country think what you're missing!

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