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Solar Charging Unit -is this normal??


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Hi, I have a (new to me) AutoSleeper/ Marquis Mirage reg 2004.

There is a Solar Panel on roof and charging regulator/unit is in leisure battery locker.

My problem is this----

LED on A/S control panel inside van is steady yellow light when sunny; but come dusk the light starts to blink and an alarm/bleep sound is emitted from the battery locker.

The yellow LED/bulb on the Solar Regulator in this locker also blinks.

This happens at least twice then stops, don't think it happens in the early morning at dawn.

The A/S control panel shows 13-14v charge on the leisure battery.

So is the beep normal or have I got a problem with Solar charging unit?


Thanks in anticipation of the replies from the Techie Gurus.



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Just discovered the Charge controller is a PHOCOS unit

Tried to download the user manual from website www.phocos.com

but not downloading in PDF format properly.

My unit is black not white, otherwise very similar to CML series (5-20A) ; it mentions an

Acoustic load disconnect pre-warning feature.

??? this my bleep noise but what exactly is it???

Answers please!


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