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Which is the best leisure battery

Guest John

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You do not say when your Hymer was manufactured. Is it fitted with a gel battery (most of them are)? If you add a second battery it must also be a gel type. Importers (Hymer and Brownhills) say that you must only use the gel type as origionally fitted.(Expensive) However, the manufacturer(Schaudt)of the Electroblock EBL 100 charging/distribution unit fitted to most recent Hymers has written to me and state that their charging unit is capable of working with either gel or liquid lead acid batteries to no detriment of either the batteries or their unit. To change battery types the charging rate must be changed. To do this a small sliding switch marked Batterie-Wahl on the unit has to be moved to the type being used. They do stress that battery types must not be mixed ie use two gel or two liquid lead acid batteries. The latter will need venting through the floor with the venting being done through a small flexible plastic tube. Your charging unit is located under the small storage unit on the offside of the vehicle.If it is made by Schaudt the can be contacted at www.schaudt-gmbh.de
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