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TomTom Go 750 Live/ Way2Go

John H

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My Go 700 is on it's last legs and I thought it was about time I replaced it. I have been looking at what is available and had more or less decided to buy a Go 750 Live and when I saw one of Way2Go posts it convinced me to get one. It should be delivered tomorrow and I want to get the updates and the registering etc etc out of the way because I will be on my travels first thing Friday morning. Anyway, what I want to know is, do I need a spare Micro SD card to enable me to download the updates and if so, what size and type should I buy? If I need to get one, I can nip round to Comet lunch time and have one less thing to worry about.


Look forward to hearing your comments :-D

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Hi John,


Congratulations on making a fine choice of sat nav model. As you probably know, the GO 750 comes with 'Europe 2GB' mapping and a free 12 month subscription to the 'LIVE' traffic reporting anywhere within your mapping area . . . . . yes it works just as well abroad.


Before you do ANYTHING copy the entire contents of your device into a folder on your hard drive. DON'T use TomTom's HOME use Windows explorer instead (make sure that you unhide all files and folders accessed through Tools > Folder Options > View (see attached graphic).


You don't 'need' an SDHC card but the system will try to tell you there isn't enough space and recommend that you use a 'map zone' of a particular region. They will keep a copy of your map online and you can change map zones whenever you like.


I wasn't too happy about that and decided to buy a 4GB SDHC to put the entire map on and left the operating system on the device.


If you want a really detailed explanation you could do a lot worse than have a good read of this two paged thread.




Hope this answers your question?




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Thank you very much for your help W2G! I knew you would come up with the goods when you saw this. You helped me out a lot in the past when I was looking for coordinates for french supermarkets etc.I think I will do the same as you and get a 4GB SDHC. I have printed your message and the piece from Pocket GPS World to read tonight when I get home. I will have a couple of paracetamol at the ready for the inevitable headache when I have finished.


Thanks again,


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