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Clermont ferrand, France

Keith T

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We're thinking of stoppping off at Clermont ferrand for a night or two on the way to south of France in a week or two's time. Anyone with any experince of this city, and can recommend suitable sites near city with public transport access.

Are there any aires in the city for day/overnight parking?

Is the city worth a stopover??


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I've no personal experience of Clermont-Ferrand, but the information on the camping-car-infos website suggests that COURNON D'AUVERGNE might suit you. The 'aire' is next to a campsite (so you'd have two options) and there's said to be a bus-route not far away that would get you to C-F.


Apparently there's an aire in C-F itself (day-time parking only), but the two website comments (June 2009 and May 2010) are both very negative.


C-F has a Tramway system




so you might be able to park fairly safely at one of the terminuses if you just wanted to make a flying visit to the city.

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I've generally tended to avoid stopping off at CF. It's a heavy industrial city, which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but IMO there are better attractions in the immediate countryside. (If you need any new tyres , however - you might get some Michelins - CF being the founding location and headquarters ;-) ).


It does have some architectural features (many years ago, in the days before the 'van, I remember taking a break in the car, and climbing a bell tower somewhere in the middle).


There is a well equipped aire, see Google Maps at:




....but the comments on Campingcar-infos are not very encouraging about the location or security :-( .



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Spent 3 weeks in the Massif Central last year made a point of avoiding Clemont Ferrand industrial city not to our liking far nicer towns & villages in the area. Pop into a tourist office and pick up the "Fromage Route" leaflet it has all the Aires in the area marked on it.

Volvic has a small campsite and it's worth a visit to Volvic plants information & display centre, good info on the area with great booklets on the history of the volcanic area.

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Hi Keith T,

We have never actually stayed at Clermont Ferrand, usually just driving straight through but I offer these two quotes taken from The Rough Guide To France.

…situation is magnificent ……. it has for a century been a typical smokestack industrial centre…”


“"Clermont's reputation as a ville noir becomes understandable when you enter the the city’s appealing medieval quarter …… not due to industrial pollution but to the black volcanic rock used in its construction. The Cathédrale Notre-Dame stands at the highest point of the old town”.


The following is taken off the MH Facts Website and is dated October 2008. Again I have no personal experience of the aire.


Off the D941 road (Route de Bordeaux) there's a section of the Puy de Dome carpark where MH's are encouraged to stay the night, free. Once in the carpark the MH section is in the bottom left corner. OK for all sizes however high vehicles should watch out for the tree branches (we got in ok at 3.4 mtrs) Ok for night stopover after visiting Le Puy de Dome

Attractions Nearby: The Puy de Dome hill has a shuttle service every 20 mins in summer and weekends. MH's not allowed to drive up to top (nor would you want to) Cafe/restaurant at top. Good for walking or cycling. Stunning panoramic views from top. Local bus service into Clermont Ferrand.


Hope the above is of some use. Please post to let us know your experience of Clermont if you decide to stay.


Cattwg :-D

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Last year both the car parks at Puy de Dome had No Camping Car signs you can't even park in them during the day. The road to the top was closed as they are building a railway. The Puy de Dome is best avoided far more interesting peaks to discover.
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