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Ducato Euro 5 details revealed


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The details of the changes to the Fiat Ducato have finally arrived and come with one or two surprises and a significant disappointment.


As predicted; the 2.2 engine is gone. Replaced in Europe only with a 2.0 with 115hp (but that is likely to be picked by the converters in Europe so may well be available here by that route). There will be a 110hp version of the 2.3 for the UK. The 2.3 will also be upgraded to 130hp with a claimed 9% improvement in fuel economy over the 2.3-120. There is a 150 hp variant of the 2.3 with a variable rate turbo which should be enough for most people but just in case the 3.0 has got another 21hp, now a staggering 177! Also claimed to be 9% more fuel efficient than the outgoing 156hp.


I am very disappointed to see no lower powered 3.0 engine at about 140hp as seen in the Iveco Daily. This would have been ideal for just about everybody if it had been made available at the right price and I would have been happier with a cam chain than cam belt and would have dropped the 2.3 from our fleet.


There are no claims made about gearboxes but to be fair, if there had been any changes Fiat would not be making a fuss about it in order to supress any earlier complaints from surfacing. It remains to be seen. Some journalists have driven the vehicles already and the findings should be published soon.


The engines all feature new EGR systems, different injectors and all feature particulate filters.


The interior is an interesting change. There is little change to the basic structure apart from a new large format and shiny black new stereo and ports for you to plug in Tom Tom devices plus a factory 'wood trim' pack for the first time. The air vents have got a chrome effect now and the rest of the colours are darker than of late. I don't think I like it very much; it's a bit bling for my tastes. The base seat trim is now red and black instead of orange, but if that is too garish for you I understand there a 3 different trim types and colours to choose from.


Stop-start is now available, service intervals go out to 30,000 miles and the comfort-matic gearbox continues to be available but still only on the 3.0 engine. Again this is annoying because Iveco offer it on 2.3 as well.


There is also a 3.0 146hp Natural Power engine available that runs on Petrol and Methane gas, which is fascinating but nobody is going to buy it. (If enough people did, the governments would latch on to it and tax away the price differential that gas enjoys over normal fuels)


So it's a mixed bag; but at least I know what i will be getting when my September vans arrive now!


I would just like to add that in spite of my desire to move away from the 2.3 to 3.0 if I could; it has proven to be an excellent engine. We have had 3 vans finish a contract of 4 years and with all of them having done more than 200,000 miles. I drove one on Friday for an hour or two and have to say that the engine ran, drove and sounds as quiet and refined as the day it was registered. The one I drove has had one gearbox repair, 2 clutches and that is it. Not one of the vans has ever had an oil leak. There have been a couple with injector problems that got very expensive but other than that they have been pretty damned good and will make their new owners very happy indeed.



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