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Using a Fiamma Bike Rack


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We have been trying to find out if there are any instructions for fastening our bikes onto the bike rack that came with our motorhome. The last thing we want is to drive off and for them to fall off!!!


Any hints or tips would be gratefully received.


We have also got some additional pieces but are unsure how to use them or what they are for.


We have an Autocruise Starburst.

:$ :$ *-) *-)

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Many thanks for the links, they were very helpful. The next question is we have mountain bikes and the fasteners provided seem to be for bikes with a "normal" crossbar so consequently they will not fit unless we are being really thick!! :$
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Over the years there have been a number of designs of the "bike block" - the arm that secures the bike frame to the rack.


The originals had a completely plastic jaw which was circular in section and generally designed to fit circular frames as found on traditional bikes. (essentially, the clamp at the bike end was exactly the same as that at the rack end)


To cope better with different sections, notably oval, these were replaced over time by a similar arrangement, but with an elongated jaw section at one end, better to fit oval frames.


These have been replaced yet again with the current design, which has a ratchet-strap arrangement at the bike end which will fit most shapes of frame.


It would appear that you may have some of the original design (or, of course, your frames may simply be too big for the intermediate design).


The best solution is probably to purchase some of the newest design (and you might want to check which length(s) you need).


However, one workaround I've used at times over the years with different rack/bike combinations is to use the seat tube (the upright part of the frame) to secure the bike to the rack, as this is usually of circular section. With a selection of "bike blocks", and judicious positioning of the cranked or straight ones, I've had a good element of success with this.

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