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Earthquake in Spain


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Terrible news.


TVE (the Spanish national TV station) are reporting (as at 9.30pm Spanish time) that the quake, at about teatime this evening, has claimed at least 10 lives now, including a 13 year old boy.

It would seem from film footage that there are several more collapsed properties that rescuers will have to search through in the coming hours.......the death toll may well increase.


The quake was about 5.1 on the Richter scale, and it's centre was in or very near to Lorca, a smallish town about 30 miles south the regional city of Murcia. (So maybe 80 miles south of Alicante).


A few of the houses in the old Roman/gothic quarter of the old town appear to have collapsed completely, and in many other cases throughout the town, large amounts of masonry have fallen from buildings onto pavements, roads, and has crushed parked cars.


The area surrounding Lorca is very much countryside/agricultural, and there are no reports of damage/injury outside of Lorca itself.


Lorca isn't on the coast, and isn't a tourist town...it is perhaps most likely therefore that no Brits/other nationalities other than native locals have been hurt, although the media have not spoken of the nationalities of those killed as yet.

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