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New speed camera rules in France

Don Madge

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Hi Don,

Regarding speed limiters , they are in force for over 3.5 t, not the tachograph yet but they are being fitted,Some of the new speed camera vans have already been rolled out in some EU states.Thanks Don for the up date.

Regards, Brendan

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Perhaps a bit clearer, and stripped of some of the bits irrelevant to motorhomers, what it says is:

• Anyone exceeding the speed limit by more than 50KPH will be prosecuted, whether a first offence or not.

• Any radar warning device is now illegal.

• All advance roadside warnings of fixed radars will be removed, and all mapping showing the positions these will become illegal.

• 1,000 new fixed and mobile radars, including experimental temporary radars, will be installed by year end 2012.

• Indications of speed limits on GPS are permitted. The clear implication is that GPS databases of fixed radars, and radar detectors, are now all illegal. There will be incentives to install speed limiters (though no detail of how these may work) presumably for French registered vehicles only.

• (I think!) Paramedics, as well as police, will be authorised to take blood samples to test for blood alcohol.

• Public service vehicles will be fitted with alcotest devices to prevent the engine being started if the driver fails the test.

• If your blood alcohol exceeds 0.8g/L you will have 8 points on your licence, in lieu of 6 points at present.

• If you haven’t ridden a motorbike/scooter for 5 years, you must take a re-test before you resume riding.

• Three points on your licence in lieu of two for using a hand held phone while driving.

• Means of preventing mobile phone use while the vehicle is in motion are being sought with the mobile providers.

• Driving a vehicle with a monitor screen within the field view of the driver will carry a fine of 1,500€ plus three points, and possible seizure of the monitor screen, except in the case of GPS screens and driving aids.

• Obstruction of the hard shoulder will carry a fine of 135€ and three points.

• Rumble strips will be progressively installed along the edges of the carriageways of all motorways in conjunction with normal maintenance works.

This is a liberal translation for guidance purposes only. Please point out any errors you spot!


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"Means of preventing mobile phone use while the vehicle is in motion are being sought with the mobile providers. "


If this is technically possible it should be introduced throughout Europe, without exception. We have all seen very careless driving and then witnessed the driver on the phone!




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