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Auto Watch 650 Alarm system,


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I dare not say Battery problem..but.??

57 reg [Peugot] Compass 130 [Eldis?] Rambler.

New [2months old] leasure battery good make..

The battery holds its charge quite well..a 4 day rally [peterborough was last one] does not cause problems. Ok..we only have lights/ pump .toilet etc

I have a fully charged battery..and leave the vehicle standing overnight..battery reading is rock steady next day at near on 13v. This lasts for some days ..or could be longer but i aint tried it.

If I put on the alarm system..Auto Watch650..overnight..the next morning the battery is flat [10 v]

My knowledge of electrics is probably less than poor..i would suggest pathetic..but hey i am good at Uckers??..

How do i check the alarm system?

I am one of those guys who has every tool [?] in the book but no idea how to use them..

The Auto watch book says the unit uses very littls ..but it seems to be eating my battery?/

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Hi, every tool in the book..brilliant.

Put your multimeter in line with the +ve from the battery and set to amps (10A or 20 Amp range). Then set the alarm and see what the current drain is. Then try the feed to the alarm. basically you need to check out the current drawn in all the crcuits until you find what has a high drain. Flattening your battery overnight could be something like 5 Amps or a lot more which is greater than 60 watts. That means heat is being generated somehere so see if you can find any equipment which is warm to the touch. I have not looked at details for teh autowatch alarm so shall see what I can find and come back if anything relevant.

Also check thingslike the fridge, you never know, maybe when you set the alarm the fridge powers up, or might be a fan running. Clearly something is wrong.

Don't rely on the fact the battey was ok a few weeks ago and it stil is. Do a test with leaving some lights on for a few hours and check the voltage. Has the Alarm ever worked without draining the batteries?

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I have also found the `back up` battery...

it has the following info on it.


6Fm7 [Model?]

12V 7AH/20HR

constant Voltage 14.4-15.0

Cycle use 13.5-13.8

Initial current <2.1A

* DO NOT Short Circuit


Heading off to Brambles link i find the diagrams/details and, poking about further [as you do], i note that this battery is given a 2/3 year life expectancy..

The * lines on the description are separate lines each with its own asterik..?

Question. >.somewhere on the autowatch description pages it tells me the `standby` battery is charged when the vehicle batteries being charged....[i know some vans chargers do not also charge the starter battery.].so would it benefit if i charged the Autowatch 650 battery [using a C-Tek 7000 charger] ?

Maen while i will carry on trying to work out the Digimeter

Many thanks

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Checked the Autowatch `standy ` battery..fine.. reading 12.5V

checked the wiring diag on the link.provided by Brambles .my set up is not quite the same.. but

at one end of the `module`on my unit.. there is a single black wire [the snap on with all the other wiring is at the other end].

This wire comes out of the module..and goes no where. [there is a loose plastic `cover¬ like the ones used as small [1/4in] terminal covers.laying on the floor inside the cover

Is this the aerial noted on the diagram.?.or something loose.

The alarm works fine..but just turning it on for literally a second dropped 1.5 V on the leisure battery.

Back to it..nose to the grindstone and on to the floor alonside the small plastic cover!!!

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That is a heck of a volt drop at 1.5 volts drop. For what is speced as 6 mA consumption. I expect the comsumptiom will be a series of peaks of a much higher current but no more than 100mA or so.


The standby battery. 12.5 volts is a bit low. Because of the type I would expect about 12.8 to 12.9 volts even after resting. I would try disconnecting it and testing the current consumption again.

Check it careully and if the ends are even slightly swollen replace it.



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If you are near a Mapolins store they do a digital ammeter N48CY that plugs into blade fuses there is 2 sizes so check the fuses first the are only about £14 or so you can then check each fuse for a very accurate mA reading


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Here is a link


for the specification of the standby battery RPC (make) and model 6FM7..you can click on the appropriate part in list for the spec sheet. It will be a standard sealed Valve regulated AGM (not gel) SLA battery. 7Ah. There are plenty alternatives available and is a standard size. If you need one I would go for a Yuasa, or Ritar which I have heard are good, and for run of the mill probbaly same as you have there are loads of cheap ones like Numax and Lucas, and chinese sourced ones from a multitude of factories in China with all sorts of wierd names. Should be about £10.

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Still trying to solve the problem,

Many thanks indeed for your help/guidance it is much appreciated,

I have had the battery on charge today..using a ctek 7000..8hrs..and the charger indicated it was charging at 14.70..at the close of play this evening..after waiting for everything to settle down..the indicator registered a rock steady 13.2 V???I have put the alarm on and wait with??err..baited breath?? for the morning.

as an aside....I have a second battery ..a Diamond Leisure "semi Traction" unit. [ whatever that means] ..this battery has been outside for at least 6 months..throughout the bad winter..buried many times in deep snow..I recharged it ..i dont know why..put it on recondition mode on the charger..gordon whatsis name..it recharged??

Its held the charge since 10am..looking forward to checking it tomorrow

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