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The time has come.....


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Having ‘lingered’ for a while over last 7 weeks, on lovely sites, we think that, in order to visit places we want to visit, AND have time to ‘linger’ in Switzerland before heading north to ferry in 6 weeks’ time, we realise we need to ‘charge’ through Bavaria…. And then ‘charge’ through the Black Forest after Switzerland.


Thus, maybe, now is the time to try Stellplatz [having not stayed on Aires for reasons given on ‘Sites or Aires’ thread.. not going to rehearse them here!] and move on, fast, through those areas.


So is anyone able to recommend specific Stellplatz, for beginners to the “Aires” concept, in / near:

Berchtesgaden, Chiemsee, Starnberergsee, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Oberammergau, Fussen [for Neuschwanstein Castle], Lindau, Titisee, Baden-Baden.


Go on… convert me to the “Aires” experience……



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