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Amending ferry for different vehicle


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We had a ferry booked for our Aviano 7.03 length - for 18th June, but have now changed to an Elegance i821G which is 8.87, so quite a difference in length.

Called DFDS ferry to change the details, quoting TEF04, which was the promotional code from the NEC in October 2010 (£59 return). Expected to pay more for the additional length....was pleasantly surprised that the amendment was changed for NO additional charge.


Still £59 return. Brilliant.


Janice. :-D

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The new DFDS management seem to be far more flexible with alterations than the old Norfolkline people. When it was NL, we turned up at the ferryport early on one occasion and were told that to get the earlier boat (even though it was actually a cheaper sailing) would cost us another £20.

Same thing happened this year with DFDS, no charge.

Clearly, what we found for changes of time is also true for other changes like yours Janice.


Have a great trip!

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Thanks Tony. B-)


I was really surprised though, expected to pay at least £30 for the extra 6 foot . I knew there wasn't a fee for changing dates or times (was told that @ NEC if the "TEF04" code was quoted).


They even emailed within a couple of minutes to confirm. Very good customer service. :-)



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