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Albania Transit Route Advice

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Our departure for the Balkans is getting close.


I think I have everything sorted, except that we are still unclear on road conditions, especially on the Albanian routes we are considering.

Our Winnebago Rialta is based on the front wheel drive VW T4, so has less ground clearance than most motorhomes.


We are considering driving Budapest – Romania- Bulgaria, then have 3 options:


1) Leaving FYROM at Debar, then heading through northeast Albania to Skhoder, bypassing Tirana to the northeast (red line on the map)

This seems the most stupid route to consider ?


2) Leaving FYROM at the northen point of Lake Ohrid, driving the Elbasen valley to join a northern route to Skhoder along the coast, bypassing Tirana to the west (blue line on the map).


3) Transiting northern Greece, entering at the coast & driving as close to the coast as possible to Skhoder, bypassing Tirana to the west (Google doesn’t let me route around Tirana, but I intend to anyway! (green line on the map).


I’ve read Don Madge’s Albanian Amble, which covers route 3 – and I would expect that much of the road construction he encountered would be completed, or at least lessened (maybe hoping for too much!)


Here’s a link to the map – if anyone has any insight, it is welcome. If not, thanks in advance for reviewing the proposed routes!






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