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Thetford Fridge


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hymerwoman - 2011-05-28 10:09 AM



Help needed,


MY thetford fridge works ok on mains and when the engine is running,but when i select gas

i have to turn up the setting or it cuts out.


Any ideas.


You'll need to provide more information.


Has this behavour developed recently? If so then it's a fault. Has it always done this? If so then it's probably a 'characteristic'.


If I've been running my Dometic 7-Series fridge on 12V or 230V for a longish period and I switch it to gas operation, then it's very likely that the gas burner will not light immediately. This was a mite off-putting initially, but I now accept it as a normal characteristic.


The easiest way to know if my fridge is actually cooling is when it's in gas mode and the sound of the gas-burner can be heard. When it's running on 12V/230V the fridge operates silently, so there's no audible indication whether it's cooling or quiescent.


With a Dometic 7-Series fridge there's just a single knob for controlling the interior temperature and the thermostat is effective in 12V, 230V and gas modes. It's reasonable to assume that, when I switch to gas from 12V or 230V and the burner doesn't light immediately, the fridge was in a quiescent phase at the time I switched.


If I chose to I could turn the control-knob to a higher (lower temperature) setting if the burner didn't light immediately when I switched to gas and this would force the gas burner to light, but there's no reason to do this as the burner will light on its own when the fridge's electronics decide that it should.


(As you've got a Thetford not a Dometic fridge I don't know how applicable the above will be. But, if Thetford fridges work similarly to mine, you might try leaving the temperature setting alone when you select gas and see whether the burner will sef-light after a while.)

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Thanks for your reply Derek.


From reading your post i am guessing that what is happening is that when i

stop the engine and switch to gas the fridge is colder than the no2 setting on the control,

hence the warning light is flashing. By switching off the fridge and then switching on again

with a higher setting relites the fridge.


My husband was the technical part of our marriage but since i lost him i am having to

adjust and do what he used to do regarding setting up the van ect.

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I think your fridge is about 10 years old, so its behaviour when you switch to gas may be connected to its age.


Personally, I wouldn't be too concerned about this as long as the fridge behaves consistently. If you can always get the fridge's gas-burner to light (and stay alight) by following the procedure you've described, then - even if your fridge isn't working in the way Thetford intended - you've established a successful work-around.


It's something to mention if you have a habitation service carried out but, unless there's a simple explanation and a simple, cheap, established fix, I'd be tempted to leave things alone. If your fridge starts to behave unpredictably and begins to refuse to light on gas when you follow your work-around procedure, or won't stay alight reliably on gas, then that's another matter altogether.


Can you say what model of Thetford fridge you've got, please, just in case this is a known characteristic for that model?

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hymerwoman - 2011-05-31 8:35 AM



Hi Derek,


My fridge is 3 years old and has the lcd display


That will teach me to be smart!


I noticed that, in the March 2010 "thieving scum" thread, you said that you had a 2001 Hymer, but I now see that this was replaced shortly after with a Timberland. So let's forget the age thing...


There's an earlier forum comment praising Thetford's customer services, so you might try asking them for advice on this. There's an e-mail 'form' on:




or you could try phoning them on at Sheffield on 0114 273 8157





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