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red alert for traffic in france


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For anyone who cannot find the link, here is the gist of it:


"Heavy traffic is being forecast by the French transport authorities for next weekend, as city-dwellers hit the road for the Ascension holiday.


At a national level, traffic information site Bison-Fute rates Wednesday 1 June as RED for routes out of the major cities, with Thursday rated as ORANGE. Sunday 5 June is also rated RED in the opposite direction, as people return from a short break in the country or by the sea.


This year is expected to be worse than usual, because of the later than usual Ascension holiday, and the fact that the weather has been exceptionally good. The worst jams are expected to be between Paris and Normandy or Brittany, and between places like Lyon or Toulouse and the Mediterranean coast. Roads between Lille and northern coastal areas will also be very busy. Roads out of Bordeaux will also be busy, heading in the direction of Poitou Charentes and Aquitaine coast, as well as towards Andorra and Spain.


The worst period for travel will be between 11am on Wednesday until the early evening, and on Thursday through until the mid-afternoon. On Sunday, the worst traffic is expected in the direction of the major cities from mid-afternoon until the evening, although the fine weather could mean travellers delaying their departure later than usual.


In Poitou-Charentes, the A10 autoroute is expected to be especially busy at the junctions of Poitiers and Niort.


For full details at a national level, check out the official bulletin from Bison-Fute. You can find detailed regional information on the same site, although most of it is in French only."





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That is very true Art, but the actual warning is about the traffic jams en route, not a lack of beaches.


Being an inhabitant of Sunny Sussex (albeit the wrong end! :-)), you must surely have noticed how the roads gum up around the coastal honeypots at bank holidays, even on our sceptred little isle.


Despite all their endless sunny weather, and miles of beaches, even the Italians manage the same - and boy, can they make traffic jams! :D

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