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Ventura sat nav system


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Has anyone any experience of the Ventura sat nav system designed to enable one to put in the dimensions of a motorhome? Expensive, but sounds good. It would be very useful to be sure one wasn't going to meet a low archway through town walls and have to reverse back down a narrow cobbled street as happened to us on one occasion - the whole population seemed to arrive to watch the sport and it caused a massive traffic jam. We bought a reversing camera shortly afterwards!


Any advice on the Ventura would be very welcome.


Change of subject - where were all the Brit motorhomers who normally visit France in May? We met Brits in a 4 x 4 on our second night in France and then no other Brit until into the third week of our stay this month.

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We have a Snooper 2000, you can get a good discount if you are a MMM subscriber through the membership club, makes it more reasonable.


Not interested in the bells and whistles one.


It is very good with the measurements and you can program it for more than one vehicle, handy if towing a small car.


It takes getting use to as with all systems. We found it difficult to program with coordinates, going to have to review the CD as the manual does not cover everything which is not handy when you do not have a laptop available.


The holder bracket is absolute C..p the suction cup is about as good as a chocolate teapot, broke one, however; Ventura very quick at replacing it going to look in to the permanent one for the vent, which is extra.


I get very confused with the battery switch, it takes a lot of understanding as to which position it should be in, however very patient people at Ventura very helpful.


Would we replace it with another not 100% sure. Hopefully by that time there will be more with that measurement facility available.


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I've had a 7000s for a year and it is excellent. Not too difficult to use.

Just be sure to put the width including the wing mirrors in. I had to reverse a little way to pull in the mirrors in a mountain top village in Slovenia. The road narrowed between some houses and the mirrors would have touched the walls! Operator error and nothing to do with the device.

In fact I've come to rely on it, though as we all know it doesn't pay to switch the brain off, it's been very reliable re narrow roads and weight restricted bridges.

I would recommend it.


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