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Hymer S Class Bike Rack


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Morning all, has anyone out there got a Fiamma or similar bike rack fitted to the back of a


Hymer S Class 650 2000 to 2005 in a word the old S Class. The reason I am asking is no straight answer from Hymer and most of this model are of the larger size 740 & 830 with garages and that is usually where the bikes are kept.


Regards Barrie

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When you say "no straight answer from Hymer" do you mean Hymer in Germany if so I'm a bit surprised, if you are talking about the UK importers that's not a surprise.


Hymer's normally have mounting points for their own branded rack which I believe is an Omnistor.


If you are not getting any luck with Hymer Germany try contacting Peter Hambilton -




Not much he doesn't know about Hymers.

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