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waste water sensor showing full


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Hi out there


Can anyone offer some help please, the sensor on the waste water tank is showing full all the time, have tried to flush it through and used dish washer tablets with warm water but to no avail. Anything else I can try please? :'(

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Hi Rasehaze,


Welcome to the Forum!


Given that you have tried the obvious remedies, it sounds as though you could have a wiring/connection fault.


You don't say what your MH is. This information would be helpful to the more technical & electrically minded than I am. You may find that fellow owners have experienced the same problem and could point you in the right direction for repairing it.


Hope this helps and good luck with getting it fixed.



John & Anne.

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Personally never bother with either tank sensors (both seem very temperamental) normally fill up with water on arrival, dump waste on leaving. If staying long enough to use up tank of fresh then the waste will for certain need to be emptied.


My rule of thumb:-

Turn on tap no water fresh needs filling.


Feet wet in shower tray waste full needs emptying.



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Is the van new to you?..or has the gauge just stopped working?

..the reason I ask is that if it is similar to the gauge on our van,it may be showing the remaining capacity and not the actual amount of waste water in it.

(..our control panel shows 98L on the waste tank display,when it's empty)...



Having said that,I've just recalled that when we first had our van the display always showed 98L,no matter how much was in it ...thedealer did sort it but I seem to recall reading somewhere on line,that in our case it can be adjusted by means of a very small grubscrew on a sender unit somewhere on the tank..maybe it's worth a bit of a rummage?(..as long as it doesn't mean dropping the tanks)...


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Guest Tracker

Welcome to the forum where most of us are mad, but friendly and helpful, and only a few are offensive and unhelpful so please don't be put off by the rantings of a very small minority!


These things, along with fresh water tank sensors, are notoriously inaccurate and unpredictable.


Even worse than one that does not work at all is one that works sometimes so that you only know when one tank is empty and t'other is full by the aforementioned tried and tested way - no water for a cuppa and/or wet feet in the loo!


If you fill the fresh tank and then camp normally until it runs dry you will have a good idea of your fresh water 'range' and similarly if you empty the waste tank and count the days until it overfills you will have a good idea of how often you need to empty it.


That is how we all coped in those far off days of yonder year before all this electronic gubbins!


You don't say what van you have and if the tank is getatable or not? Probably underslung, probably at the back end and probably covered in road dirt! Also very likely to have a cleaning 'hatch' on the top side - which means taking the tank out to get at it!


Having taken the tank out - a really messy job usually - and removed the top cover you might well find that simply cleaning the probes or float mechanism - depending on which sort - will make it work OK. Then again it might not?


Bear in mind also that you can never usually empty all the water out of an in situ tank which means that according to Dr Sodde's Law any dregs or more will probably find it's way onto your face as you lower and remove said tank from under the van!


The big question is - is it worth your own efforts or the cost if a dealer does it?


Only you can tell us that!



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