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Sargent 480 Control Panel (CP111 Software) EC500 PSU

Frank McAuley

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I refer to above which is fitted to new Autotrail Delaware.The Active Battery Data page which shows: (L) Battery volts @ 14.3v; (AH) Capacity % @ 40%; (V) Solar amps @ 0.0 A; (A) Battery Amps @0.2A.

I would stress this is a late evining reading with no sun.

The mhome is fitted with two leisure batteries and a solar panel.


What drew my attention was the Capacity % - it was red and the reading was very low( in single figures) but it has steadily but slowly climbed over the last two days.It is now yellow and @ 40%.


As I'm currently in the South of France I would appreciate info thus:

. is there reason for concern;

. what is the displ`ayed info telling me (in layman's terms);

. is this info connected to the Solar Panel input/output;

. does it indicate any deficiency in the Leisure batteries;

. is the software of the panel up-to-date?


I have let the batteries settle,off- charge and recalibrated the panel which produced a relatively steady increase in the Capacity %.


Thanks folks.

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You have probably not let the batteries settle long enough before you recalibrated., I suggest you draw a bit of power off and recalibrate again. Ideally you want around 12.8 to 12.9 volts on the batteries while off charge. I think then you will find the system is more accurate.


The system you have I understands corrects the display for capacity based on charge or load current and if the solar panel is connected via the sargent system this will be taken into account as well.




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Tyou Arthur and Brambles


I have emailed ( I hope) Sargent.


I took the batteries off-charge for 30 mins is that long enough? The first page of the panel shows the batteries charging as suggested by you (Brambles) but I'm afraid you lost me in the final para of your very much appreciated contribution. May I please ask you to explain it in very simple terms.


To recalibrate the system do I :-

unplug the mains ( 10amps here) ;

switch off the panel;

let it "settle" for a time ( your suggestion please);

switch on;



Aplogies for being so "slow" but until yesterday I didn't know you could recalibrate the panel. BTW how do I know if the software is correct or up to date?



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Hi Frank, in your 1st post you said you had recalibrated so I assume you know how to do it. I would disconnect mains and make sure solar is not charging.

After charging batteries 30 mins is not long enough for then to settle, they need 12 to 24 hours or longer for Gel if not connected. So easiest way is to connect up and apply a load for a while to draw of what they call surface charge. This is excess charge in the plates acting like a capacitor rather than a battery along with effects of acid directly in contact with plates not being dispersed.

So what can you do, just switch everything on for 5 mins, then off, wait 10 minutes and then calibrate the system.

If you have a voltmeter, the battery should be between 12.8 to 12.9 volts when you calibrate. If you have Gel batteries I would say 12.9 to 13.0 volts.

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Re the software CP111, it is probably a version number rather then revision and is specific to the model you have and application. There is no way of knowing it correct or not without contacting Sargent. I would not worry about it as I am pretty certain it will be fine.
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Hi Brambles


Tyou ( and others) for most helpful comments- I have read the manual and retained the tphone no for Sargent. Let me remove any ambiguity please:-

. when I recalibrated I simply held the select button on the panel and it recalibrated. Should I have disconnected the mains supply first?

. to draw off excess charge : should I do this with the mains connected or simply by using the leisure batteries for 5 mins - I only have 10 amps here so it would trip with little on.


Thanks for the patience and the guidance. It certainly has removed any concern.

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Hi again.

Disconnect from teh mains, and do when darkish so panel is not adding to charge. (Can you switch panel off?). Switch on 12 volt appliances for 5 mins. A few lights, andiif you have a roof extractor turn it on. After turning everything off, wait 10 mins( 5 will probably do) , leave mains unhooked, and calibrate.


Actually there might be an easier way...unhook mains,. turn things on until you get a battery volt reading of 12.85 volts , then do the calibration immediately without altering what is switched on. Might work.


The display is only ever a rough guide. What shoudl be trying to end up with is a max voltage reading rising to about 14.2 tor 14.3 volts when charging , and after a long charge showing between 95 to 100%. capacity. If the volts is about 12.3 then 50% capacity although the system may be taking intio acount you should only take batteries down to 50% charge and show 0% charge at 12.3 volts.


The loading you apply with 12 volt equipment will not trip your 10 Amp hook up. The max your charger power supply (240v) will need is under 1.5 amps. 10 ampsat 240v gives you well over 2Kwatts, so you have plenty of amps from your hook up.

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Hi (again) Brambles


Excellent: the readings are now most reassuring- thanks again. It's a shame the manuals don't contain more practical info but then experience is the best teacher. I have certainly learnt a great deal from this experience which enhances my operational knowledge of this new mhome.


Tyou for your patience and wise words.

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