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McLouis Tandy Plus 680.....any good?


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Anyone got, or used to have, a McLouis Tandy Plus motorhome?....ideally the Tandy Plus 680, but the views of any owners of other models in that "family" would be very welcome.


Are they any good?



The specific model I'm referring to is a 2006, on the Ducato 3400kg chassis with the 2.8, 130cv engine.



I'd love to hear any real owners views on this MH model, or it's other family members....


Many thanks.

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Hi Bruce,

I have owned a McLouis 264 low profile 2003 model from new, We live in our van around 7 to 8 months a year so you could say it's been well tested, even though it is a budget van the furniture and fittings have stood up remarkably well, recommended.

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